Finance & Accounting

Mission Statement

The Finance Department serves the County administration, the citizens, the employees, its vendors, partners and agencies throughout the County. The department’s five areas of daily business are

  • Financial Controls and Compliance
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Procurement & Payment of countywide obligations
  • Investing & Cash flow
  • Risk Management

The finance department is committed to a responsive attitude in:

  • Ensuring that quality financial services and information is provided.
  • Responding to the changing requirements and priorities
  • Complying with Federal and State Legislation, as well as regulatory mandates
  • Partnering with other county departments to leverage resources that are essential toward achieving related objectives.

Finance Functions and Task Descriptions

The Finance Department is a service department which provides accounting, financial, and purchasing services to all County departments and funds.

Budget Functions

Finance, together with the Administrator, plans, directs and coordinates the formulation, preparation, execution, review and analysis of the county’s operating budget and operating program. It also monitors budget appropriations and actual expenditures to ensure compliance with the law. The Finance Director and other administration officials inform the BOC on budgetary and long-range planning matters. The finance department works very closely with all department heads and elected officials and gathers information to create and maintain the annual budget.

Accounts Payable Functions

Records and makes payment of expenditures for each department and each fund within the County .The accounts payable area maintains a system of accounts to accumulate, classify, and report on the financial activities of the County's various funds and departments. The system provides for the proper accounting of assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures which facilitates the preparation of financial reports to be submitted to the Board of Commissioners as well as the federal & state governments.

Revenue Functions

To review all sources of revenue to ensure timely receipt. Revenue is responsible for producing invoices for county receivables, coordinating the deposit of cash receipts, identifying and accounting for all funds received, auditing of customer invoices to ensure revenue is billed, monitor key data as it moves through processes and systems to ensure integrity in reported results, identify opportunities for improving billing and/or possible disconnection of services, work with multiple departments to resolve issues. The revenue department is also responsible for meter reading, billing, and accounts receivable for the water department. EMS billing is also monitored by the Revenue Coordinator.

Accounting Functions

To provide financial reporting, bank reconciliations, transactional journal entries, adjusting journal entries, ancillary schedules and record keeping, fixed asset management, substantive balance sheet analysis, audit preparation including auditor required schedules and analysis, grant compliance and reporting, compliance with all areas of generally accepted accounting principles and their governing bodies.

Audited Statements