Applications for permits require:
  • Application for permit must be completed in its entirety. The date on the application should be the date that it is submitted for review.
  • Application should include the map and parcel number.
  • Site or plot plans are required for all new structures containing the location of the new structure and all existing structures on the site, along with the distances from property lines.
  • All site plans must be approved by the Effingham county flood plain engineer.
  • One complete set of plans or drawings on suitable material, being of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of proposed work, shall be submitted by electronic media. When submitting plans electronically, attach each page of the plan as a separate PDF or plans can be submitted in person at:
    601 N Laurel Street
    Springfield, GA. 31329 or
  • All plans or drawings must contain a foundation plan of type to be used along with floor plan, elevation plans, roof plan, wall sections and foundation/footing or monolithic slab sections. Commercial plans in addition require a cover sheet including design criteria, general notes and a schedule of drawings, plumbing plans including water and sanitary waste, electrical plans including emergency and exit lighting, Mechanical plans and a life safety plan including an egress door schedule and accessibility details.
  • All plans or drawings must contain bracing methods including lengths of braced wall panel's, foundation and roof attachments for shear wall and uplift.
  • The building official may request more information from the applicant upon review of the submitted documents.
  • Work must commence within 180 day after issuance of permit. The permit will be voided for more than 180 consecutive days without an inspection.
  • No work requiring a permit shall start prior to the issuance of the permit.
  • All dwellings that require septic systems will require approval from the Effingham County Health Department. 912-754-6850
  • All required forms can be found online or in person at:
    601 N Laurel Street
    Springfield, GA. 31329

A plan review fee of $150.00 is due at the time that the permit application, plans and paperwork is submitted for plan review.