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 April 17, 2014  


Corporal Jason Bragg is Director of the Communications Division.

Corporal Bragg oversees the daily operations of the Communications Division of the Effingham County Sheriffs Office.  Jason began his career in law enforcement as a communications officer in 2000, at the age of 18.  He soon attended the South East Georgia Police Academy in Savannah, where he earned his law enforcement certification at the age of 19.  He joined the Effingham County Sheriffs office in 2006, where he now  serves as a member of the Crime Scene Unit, and head of Communications.

You may share your concerns or compliments regarding services provided by dispatchers with Cpl. Bragg here.

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Effingham County Sheriffs Office

Communications Division

The Communications Division of the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the communications between law enforcement agencies within the county.  This division is a main portal via radio and telephone for calls for service and maintains records in accordance with the Open Records Act.

Your Communications Officers are responsible for:

a.     Receiving complaints via telecommunications primarily and relaying information to deputies/officers who respond for assistance.

b.    Providing communication support to deputies and police.

c.     Recording all activity of the emergency services in the field, as well as being continuously aware of their status and pending emergency conditions.

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