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 May 25, 2016  

Captain W. E. Walker is Courts Divison Commander. The Civil Division and Security are also under his command.  You may share comments or complaints with Captain Walker here.






Welcome to the Effingham County Judicial Complex

         700 North Pine Street  Springfield, GA 31329

                           Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00


The Judicial Complex (Courthouse) is served by the Courts, Civil, and Security Divisions. These divisions ensure the public safety for those conducting business in the building.


  • Courts – Provide security to the Superior, State, Magistrate and Probate courtrooms, judges and support staff
  • Civil - Process and serve civil action papers (Evictions, Temporary Protective Orders, Garnishments, etc.)
  • Security - Maintain the security of the facility by checking for contraband on people before entering any offices or courtrooms.


The following items are not allowed in the Judicial Complex:

  • Firearms or any projectile weapon, ammunition, tasers, defensive propellents
  • Knives and bladed weapons of any kind, including box cutters and pocket knives, throwing stars or darts
  • Narcotics or illegal drugs
  • Handcuff keys

If contraband is confiscated, it is condemned and becomes the property of the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone possessing illegal narcotics and/or drugs will be promptly arrested and prosecuted.


Courtroom Regulations


  • All cell phones and pagers must be turned off or on vibrate in courtrooms.
  • No children under the age of 7 are allowed in the courtrooms, unless authorized by the Judge.

  • Proper attire is required.The following clothing and the wearing thererof are prohibited in all courts.

  1. Short pants,
  2. Low neck line blouses exposing the chest,
  3. Pants worn below the natural waist line,
  4. Exposed under garments,
  5. Sunglasses, hats and umbrellas are prohibited in all court rooms.


You may be found in contempt of court for violation of this regulation.


The following offices are located in the complex:

First Floor              Civil

Clerk of Courts Office

Probate Court

Superior and State Court Office

Grand Jury and Community Rooms


Second Floor  Magistrate Court Office and Courtroom

Solicitor’s Office

State Courtroom


Third Floor      Superior Court – Ebenezer and Treutlen Courtrooms

Law Library - Monday – Friday 8:30-3:00



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