Crime Tip Form

For Emergencies Please Dial 911!

This form is for sharing information about crimes which have already occurred and may assist in the investigation. Call 911 to report any crimes in progress. 

Some Things You Should Report

  • Suspicious Vehicles
    • Slow moving vehicles driving without lights at night or, with seemingly no destination.
    • Unfamiliar parked or occupied vehicles, especially during unusual time periods. 
    • Abandoned vehicles including golf carts, motorcycles, and four wheelers. 
    • Unusual property in vehicles.
    • Regular window transactions involving vehicles. 
    • Vehicles parked in parks or recreation areas outside of normal operating hours. 
  • Suspicious Persons
    • Individuals or solicitors going door to door in a residential area. 
    • An unknown person waiting in front of a home or a closed business. 
    • Persons exhibiting unusual behavior.
    • A person carrying unusual property.
    • Heavy foot traffic to and from a certain area or residence.