All Inspections

  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that the project is ready for inspection and safely accessible for the inspector. If there are locked gates on the property, the permit holder is to have the gates unlocked and open for the inspector to have access to property
  • Proper address must be clearly visible from the street
  • Approved drawings must be on site
  • Permit must be on site
  • Portable toilet (located within 200 feet of work site)
  • An approved waste receptacle must be located on each site
  • Site should be clean of debris and all tripping hazards
  • All temporary safety rails and devices should be in place prior to inspectors arrival
  • Inspectors may refuse to perform inspections on sites that are deemed unsafe (These sites will be documented as to safety issues)
  • Any missed or failed inspections that result in insufficient evidence of code compliance could result in required testing by an approved person or agency at the discretion of the building official.
  • A correction notice of all deficiencies will be left on site
  • The permit holder may request code sections of deficiencies on correction notices
  • Failed inspection fees:
    $50 1st inspection
    $75 2nd inspection
    $100 each for 3rd inspection or more
  • No one may occupy and dwelling prior to obtaining a certificate of occupancy (No exceptions)