TSPLOST for Effingham

The term TSPLOST (short for Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) refers to several different sales taxes.

Transportation affects everyone in Effingham County, and we have a dire need for a stable funding source for road repairs, improvements and other transportation projects. The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce has decided to support a county-wide Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or TSPLOST, and urged the county Board of Commissioners to place the referendum before the voters.

On November 3, 2020, Effingham County residents will be asked to vote for a one-cent sales tax for transportation purposes. The money will be used solely for transportation projects within Effingham County. 

Effingham County is the 31st fastest growing county in the nation, and its population is projected to increase by about 20,000 in the next ten years. Right now, funds for local road improvements come primarily from property taxes. The City of Rincon has no property tax and, thus, no funding source for road projects. TSPLOST funds can be spent only on transportation improvements, such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and other transportation-related purposes. Each city within Effingham County is solely responsible for determining their project list, and Effingham County is responsible for identifying transportation improvements in the unincorporated areas of the county.

An interactive map of the Effingham County projects is available here: Effingham TSPLOST Projects by District

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